Cricket South Africa begins hunt for ‘specialised’ support staff

South Africa coach Ottis Gibson has started his hunt for creating support staff for his side and has said that the Proteas will have batting, fielding, an assistant coach and a spin bowling coach to assist him.

“There are names at the moment. Obviously, Cricket South Africa have to make that happen. At the moment there are just names of people that I think can do a good job with the team, some overseas, some local,” Gibson was quoted as saying by Cricbuzz.

“I will do the bowling, then there will be a batting coach, a fielding coach, an assistant coach and a spin bowling coach – so four, plus myself. Having spoken to Charl, bowling has always been my specialism as a coach, fast bowling. He fully understands that.”

Sharing his future plans, Gibson suggested that he is also looking for a couple of elite coaches who can keep an eye on other players and give their inputs during the team selection.

“I am also in discussions with CSA about a few key positions that I think can make a difference in this country in terms of having elite coaches. So there is an elite fast bowling coach for CSA – not just for the team – and an elite batting coach so that when we are on tour, and we have a couple of injuries and I want to know who is the next best fast bowler in the country, I have a person I can go to,” said Gibson.

“At the moment, if I ask that question, I will be asking it to the selectors. The selectors are doing a great job but the selectors are not coaches. Sometimes you want a coach.”

South Africa thumped Bangladesh across all formats and the Proteas batsmen played a crucial role in the successful run.

“I said to them last night, you had a tough time in England in tough conditions, conditions you are not accustomed to and I hope that what you’ve you’ve done over the last five weeks have given you back that confidence in yourself,” said Gibson. “We’ve scored 10 international hundreds across all formats (against Bangladesh). It says a lot of our batsmen and their mentality but also the ability that they have and the talent that they have. People have said that Bangladesh haven’t been a great opposition, but we still have to play the way we want to play and we have done that.”

The coach revealed the way South African team created their own targets and worked on them on the field.

“There was a time when we made 350 in Paarl, and I told them, ‘Right, let’s go and defend 275.’ And they took on that challenge. Those are the sort of things that show players are responding.

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